Definition of cumulative error in English:

cumulative error

Pronunciation /ˈkyo͞omyəˌlādiv/ /ˈkjumjəˌleɪdɪv/ /ˈkyo͞omyələdiv ˈerər/ /ˈkjumjələdɪv ˈɛrər/


  • An error consistently in the same direction for all observations.

    ‘Human error and cumulative errors are greatly reduced compared with tape measured layouts.’
    • ‘If errors continue to be serially correlated, the cumulative error will grow over time.’
    • ‘Vertical atmospheric profiles, aerosol parameters, ozone content, surface reflectance and solar angle uncertainties also contribute different and cumulative errors.’
    • ‘Thus, this procedure helps determine how many and which groups are different from each other while minimizing the cumulative error rate.’
    • ‘This updating process is continuous throughout movement and is believed to be more accurate over short distances than long distances and subject to cumulative error over longer distances.’