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  • 1In a clever and deceitful way.

    ‘an important document was cunningly hidden under the noses of the police’
    • ‘Some artists thrive on winsome personalities, cunningly distracting listeners from the music with their stylistic excess.’
    • ‘Cunningly, the virus can even spoof the domain name of the business's email address.’
    • ‘The emotions always seems real and spontaneous rather than cunningly manipulated to pull out the heartstrings.’
    • ‘He begins to live in style, dressing finely as a gentleman, and cunningly keeping himself beyond the reach of the law.’
    • ‘The twins can also be ruthless, as when they cunningly murder the housekeeper.’
    • ‘As we've mentioned in previous articles, the Government cunningly includes earnings growth in that figure.’
    • ‘She would later write in her autobiography that she "used to try more and more cunningly to hide my feelings."’
    • ‘During the opening credit sequence, the main character cunningly eludes a patrol car.’
    • ‘She cunningly milked him for anything she could learn about who his master was.’
    • ‘At first glance it looks like an ordinary telegraph pole but it's really a cunningly disguised mobile phone mast.’
    1. 1.1In an ingenious way.
      ‘the tracks are arranged in cunningly interwoven layers’
      • ‘The play was an adaptation of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, cunningly modernized into an anti-capitalist satire.’
      • ‘The game has loads of different courses to tackle, all cunningly designed to test your manual dexterity to the maximum.’
      • ‘As in his previous film, cunningly chosen setpieces make the impact.’
      • ‘The piece also cunningly exploits the writer's own gift for confessional monologues.’
      • ‘The scheme cunningly subverts the strict German building regulations pertaining to inner-city sites.’
      • ‘It almost seemed like even the odd bum notes were cunningly placed to assure you the band weren't just up there miming to the albums.’
      • ‘This is a cunningly arranged, charming, swinging record which lives up to its title.’
      • ‘However, in Antony's eulogy, he focuses on Caesar's positive traits, and cunningly disproves Brutus' justification for killing Caesar.’
      • ‘While the ski runs are not as cunningly crafted as the other site's labyrinthine arenas, their immense scale produces some splendid moments.’
      • ‘The play has not only sly wit, it is very cunningly constructed.’



/ˈkəniNGlē/ /ˈkənɪŋli/