Definition of cup coral in English:

cup coral

Pronunciation /kəp ˈkôrəl/ /kəp ˈkɔrəl/


  • A small brightly colored solitary coral with tentacles that end in small knobs, sometimes found in colder seas.

    Genus Caryophyllia, order Scleractinia (or Madreporaria): several species, including the Devonshire cup coral (C. smithi), of European waters

    ‘There are writhing carpets of brittle stars, as well as patches with the occasional cup coral and dead man's finger.’
    • ‘With clever camouflage techniques, golden wentletraps and their eggs are almost invisible against the cup coral host.’
    • ‘We found boxer crabs (they are still there!) and blue ring octopus at Siladen, cup coral snails at Manado Tua, and ghost pipefish near the famous giant clams at Fukui.’
    • ‘He was kind enough to identify many of them for me, and in the process informed me that I had a nice shot of a scarlet and gold cup coral.’
    • ‘We found a lovely archway with a large swim-through completely covered in orange cup coral.’