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nounplural noun cupfuls

  • 1The amount held by a cup.

    ‘ a cupful of water’
    • ‘Instead of giving servings in grams, practical measurements such as cupfuls or individual slices will be indicated on packets as the ideal portions.’
    • ‘We drink cupfuls of tea, followed by whisky and rum to warm ourselves.’
    • ‘Staff gave her a choice of gin, vodka or whisky, before she was given two cupfuls to drink immediately.’
    • ‘I do think that the machinery on both sides is so well-oiled and so efficient that they have identified who they have to get out and get to the polls, and probably a handful of states and a cupful of voters will end up determining all this.’
    • ‘Add about three-quarters of a cupful of normal rolled oats, and a little less than half a teaspoon of coarse seasalt.’
    1. 1.1mainly North American
      another term for cup as a measure in cooking
      • ‘add 1 cupful of flour’



/ˈkəpˌfo͝ol/ /ˈkəpˌfʊl/