Definition of cuprite in English:



  • A dark red or brownish black mineral consisting of cuprous oxide.

    ‘Other secondary copper minerals associated with the chrysocolla are malachite, cuprite, and tenorite.’
    • ‘The mine is well known for the rare secondary copper minerals that occur in the lode, including paramelaconite, cuprite, malachite, and dioptase.’
    • ‘Associated minerals were calcite, copper, cuprite, tenorite, and malachite.’
    • ‘Other exciting occurrences of cuprite and associated secondary minerals will no doubt be discovered as new mines are developed.’
    • ‘Copper pseudomorphs after another isometric mineral, apparently cuprite, are known in excellent, though rare, specimens.’



/ˈk(y)o͞oprīt/ /ˈk(j)upraɪt/