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nounplural noun curaçaos

  • A liqueur flavored with the peel of bitter oranges.

    ‘Nero and Poppaea tidied up while Rome burned, and eventually I retired with a large vodka, blue curaçao and orange juice - a suitable shade of Hallowe'en green - to drink myself to sleep.’
    • ‘Since then it has merely been a matter of fine-tuning my recipe, including red vermouth, along with the orange curaçao, to enhance the herby, slightly bitter element of this elegant gin sling.’
    • ‘Your father could have retired to Miami, passed his remaining days in Little Havana arm wrestling, sipping curaçao and chatting with exiled Cubans in their pork pie hats and Hawaiian shirts.’
    • ‘For every measure of good 40 per cent-plus gin, add a measure of red vermouth - French or Italian will do - plus half a measure of orange curaçao.’
    • ‘That elusive orange curaçao is more readily available than I had originally reported.’



/ˈk(y)o͝orəˌsou/ /ˈk(j)ʊrəˌsaʊ/ /ˈk(y)o͝orəˌsō/ /ˈk(j)ʊrəˌsoʊ/


Early 19th century named after Curaçao, where the oranges are grown.

Main definitions of Curaçao in English

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proper noun

  • A self-governing territory of the Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea, 37 miles (60 km) north of the Venezuelan coast, formerly the largest island in the Netherlands Antilles; population 157,000 (estimated 2015); chief town, Willemstad.



/ˈk(y)o͝orəˌsou/ /ˈk(j)ʊrəˌsaʊ/ /ˈk(y)o͝orəˌsō/ /ˈk(j)ʊrəˌsoʊ/