Definition of curassow in English:



  • A large crested bird of the guan family, found in tropical American forests. The male is typically black in color.

    Genus Crax (and Nothocrax), family Cracidae: several species

    ‘Male curassows in breeding season vocalize with a deep, resonant humming.’
    • ‘Did you know that great curassows - 36-inch-tall blue-black birds with yellow bills - mate for life?’
    • ‘The curassows comprise 14 species of sedentary Neotropical birds classified in four genera (Crax, Nothocrax, Mitu, and Pauxi) in the family Cracidae.’
    • ‘A study group of relatively sedentary birds, such as the curassows, should provide some insight on how important dispersal is to the evolutionary history of less-mobile birds.’
    • ‘The barriers that currently separate the species, combined with the essentially nonmigratory behavior of curassows, hint strongly at a primary role for vicariance.’



/ˈkyo͝orəsou/ /ˈkjʊrəsaʊ/ /ˈˌk(y)o͝orəˈˌsō/ /ˈˌk(j)ʊrəˈˌsoʊ/


Late 17th century anglicized form of Curaçao.