Definition of curb appeal in English:

curb appeal

(British kerb appeal)


  • The attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

    ‘landscaping, the front entrance, and the condition of the paint or siding are the biggest factors in curb appeal’
    • ‘Located in a strip mall, Benjarong has little curb appeal.’
    • ‘She began outside, checking the building's 'kerb appeal'.’
    • ‘A new program aims to add curb appeal to houses in Springfield.’
    • ‘Here are additional planting ideas to create improved curb appeal provided by the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center in New York City.’
    • ‘He gave it extra points for its curved stone walkway, which, he said, "enhances curb appeal."’
    • ‘Traffic was light, traffic lights are few and the homes he passed have curb appeal galore.’
    • ‘The front entrance can be a big draw and seems to play a large role in curb appeal.’
    • ‘Regarding the splendid profusion of broadleaf weeds in our gravel driveway, my daughter scolded me, "Mom, it's just killing our curb appeal."’
    • ‘The first element any buyer will consider is a property's kerb appeal.’
    • ‘Drummond's mid-terrace has what estate agents call 'kerb appeal'.’
    • ‘Buyers could be put off before they've even reached your front door, so think seriously about your home's "kerb appeal".’
    • ‘"The wooden shutters also receive a lot of compliments, I knew they were a good choice and give the house kerb appeal."’