Definition of curb chain in English:

curb chain

Pronunciation /kərb CHān/ /kərb tʃeɪn/


  • A small chain which is attached to a curb bit and lies in the groove on a horse's chin.

    ‘The way to measure leverage is to compare the distance from the mouthpiece to where the reins attach to the distance from the mouthpiece to the curb chain.’
    • ‘The height of bit - how many wrinkles for the type of bit you use; the tightness of a curb chain or strap; how the bit falls on the bars of the horses mouth are all very important and possible catalysts to how a horse of this age behaves.’
    • ‘It never has shanks, curb chains or straps but may have a straight bar or a jointed mouthpiece.’
    • ‘You will be able to attach a bridle or curb chain to the upper shank, while the reins can be attached to the lower shank.’