Definition of curb weight in English:

curb weight

Pronunciation /kərb wāt/ /kərb weɪt/


  • The weight of an automobile without occupants or baggage.

    ‘It truly is an ultralight automobile: curb weight of just 1,400 lb. for a four-passenger vehicle.’
    • ‘The IRS will accept as qualifying for the deduction what the manufacturer says is the gross vehicle weight or curb weight.’
    • ‘With a curb weight of 45,320 pounds and a maximum payload weight of 38,680 pounds, the Buffalo measures 323 inches long, 97 inches wide and 117 inches high.’
    • ‘So, to make a comparison, the '04 XL with buckets has a curb weight of 3,417 lb; the '05 XL has a curb weight of 3,490.’
    • ‘Automobiles also can qualify, provided that their curb weight exceeds 6,000 lb.’
    • ‘The base curb weight of the vehicle is 6,400 lb.’
    • ‘The 2,500 lb. curb weight would be almost impossible to get completely in the air, but we weren't lifting it, we were just shifting the center of balance.’
    • ‘But it seats two (golf-carts do, too), and measures 9.8 ft long, 5.25 ft wide, and 5.1 ft high and has a curb weight of 2,112 lb.’
    • ‘In spite of a competitive 3,000-pound curb weight in fully optioned trim, it is 1.7 times stiffer in bending and twice as stiff in torsion than its revered predecessor.’
    • ‘Both are silky smooth, although the bigger engine will be the choice for good performance, given the 1,845-kilogram curb weight.’
    • ‘(The base curb weight is 3,336 lb.)’
    • ‘The extensive use of lightweight composite structures has allowed the design team to achieve a curb weight of a mere 857 kg.’
    • ‘And despite its relative lack of power and a curb weight of more than 5,500 pounds, Mercedes insiders still talk of zero-to - 60 mph acceleration in less than seven seconds.’
    • ‘The curb weight for the European-spec vehicle is 3,196 lb.’
    • ‘Overall, base curb weight is up 100 pounds - about 47 pounds of it in the front end.’
    • ‘Magnesium and carbon fiber parts are also used to help contain the total curb weight to less than 3150 pounds.’
    • ‘He adds that it offers significantly improved roll stability at gross vehicle weight without a penalty to curb weight.’
    • ‘They are animalistic in their stopping ability, but the long, hard pedal depressions required to halt it point out one of this platform's few weaknesses: cast-in-lead curb weights.’
    • ‘In light of the fact that curb weight is up by more than 500 pounds - base curb weights range between 4,768 and 5,590 pounds - that's an excellent idea.’
    • ‘These new 2005 compact pickups have heft and grunt that would embarrass many full-size pickups of five years ago as curb weights range up to 4,800 pounds and horsepower tops out at 265.’