Definition of curl one's lip in English:

curl one's lip


  • Raise a corner of one's upper lip to show contempt; sneer.

    ‘With another sneer curling his lip, he disappeared into thin air.’
    • ‘The man looked at him through battle-hardened hazel eyes, a sneer curling his lip.’
    • ‘He curls his lip contemptuously, and gives me one of his looks.’
    • ‘He said: ‘When it came to picking the name, I went through a list of the usual type of boutique names and Angela just curled her lip.’’
    • ‘One friend curled her lip and told him bluntly that the Kelly story wasn't relevant to her.’
    • ‘You're going to curl your lip, look at me meaningfully, say you want to ‘talk’ - then postpone it for 24 hours?’’
    • ‘I show it by curling my lip in blistering disdain.’
    • ‘I curled my lip in disgust but I don't think he saw it.’
    • ‘I curled my lip in condescension and shut my door firmly.’
    • ‘And the beat strode on, and crackled from mind to mind, snapping its fingers and curling its lip.’
    curl one's lip, smile disparagingly, smile contemptuously, smile smugly, smile conceitedly, smile cruelly, smile mirthlessly, smirk, snicker, snigger