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  • 1usually curlersA roller or clasp around which a lock of hair is wrapped to curl it.

    ‘one of our neighbors with her hair in curlers’
    • ‘Hair can also tangle when piled on top of the head during shampoo treatments, around various types of curlers and in hair brushes.’
    • ‘Before curling your eyelashes, heat the curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds.’
    • ‘She needs to run hair dryers and curlers and hair irons and other fancy equipment for the few ladies left in the city who still want to look good.’
    • ‘On her next visit she had her electric hair curlers and electric hair drier.’
    • ‘She pulled out the curlers and put her hair in a half pony tail, before adding a layer of high shine spray.’
    • ‘I offered to help with the retrieval, guiltily remembering the days I used to borrow combs, hair curlers, and all the brushes I could stick together with which to build.’
    • ‘I was beginning to think that I was supposed to rush out in the early morning, hair in curlers, in my pink chenille dressing gown and start laying concrete or similar physical nonsense.’
    • ‘Children invented pencil toppers in the same way they will dress clothespins, shoes, or hair curlers, detail dust pans, and lend sticker eyes to a fly swatter.’
    • ‘She had curlers in her hair, waiting patiently to take them out, and had yet to do her makeup, but still she thought herself gorgeous; truly beautiful.’
    • ‘Her hair was in curlers and she was in a light pink robe.’
    • ‘And then suddenly ‘mother’ was a woman who wore curlers in her hair.’
    • ‘She came sprinting into the hallway in a yellow dressing gown wrapped around her medium frame, curly hair covered in curlers.’
    • ‘My mom leaned over the stove in her pink robe and hair curlers.’
    • ‘I have the same trouble with my hair - except with curlers, not straighteners.’
    • ‘Does this heated eyelash curler really work?’
    • ‘She turned back towards her vanity table and began putting curlers in her hair.’
    • ‘He came out with curlers in his hair, and sat on a stoop.’
    • ‘Always use lash curlers - the effect really opens up the eye.’
    • ‘Don't allow your child to use the stove, microwave, hot curlers, or iron.’
    • ‘Use a curling iron or add heated curlers to make the curls.’
  • 2A player in the game of curling.

    ‘Off the west coast of Scotland, Ailsa Craig is renowned among curlers for producing ideal curling stones.’
    • ‘Thank goodness our premier hockey players and elite curlers are able to maintain focus.’
    • ‘When the Scottish women curlers won a Winter Olympics gold medal in 2002, there were ridiculous prophecies that the popularity of curling would grow.’
    • ‘When she led Britain's women curlers to gold medal victory at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, her place in the Scottish sports hall of fame was guaranteed.’
    • ‘She has been a prominent curler in the United States for a long time.’
    • ‘If you plan on starting problems before you go out, remove your athletics jackets or shirts that proudly label you as a footballer, basketball player, curler or whatever.’
    • ‘According to The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics, 94 percent of curlers are Canadian.’
    • ‘Sorry, curlers, but when the players on the women's teams wear makeup during matches, it's not a sport.’
    • ‘Curling is an Institute sport and the curlers are Institute athletes.’
    • ‘The other night, the announcer described a lady curler as the Roger Clemens of curling, said she liked to throw the high, hard one.’
    • ‘By all accounts, my grandfather was a brilliant curler, as were his team mates.’
    • ‘All this despite the fact that 94 per cent of curlers are from Canada - who the British team beat on their way to gold in Salt Lake City last month.’
    • ‘And instead of rolling a ball across a lawn, curlers slide big smooth rocks down an ice rink.’
    • ‘All interested curlers play every other Saturday afternoon at a curling rink in Coquitlam (anyone is welcome).’
    • ‘About 250 years ago curlers discovered that the granite on Ailsa Craig made perfect curling stones.’
    • ‘The holy grail for a curler, equivalent to a seven-ball victory in pool, is to have all eight stones nearer to the house than your opposition but such instances are very rare.’
    • ‘The Ste Anne Curling Club is looking for additional curlers for all leagues.’
    • ‘Congratulations to the Nova Scotia hockey players who won gold at Salt Lake, and to the Nova Scotia curlers who will be going to the World Curling Championships.’
    • ‘She is successful on two fronts: she is a sports reporter and weather broadcaster as well as being an elite curler.’
    • ‘It is sometimes referred to as ‘shuffleboard on ice’ which greatly simplifies the skill and strength required to be an elite curler.’