Definition of curlicued in English:



  • Having decorative curls or twists.

    ‘a page of elaborately curlicued and unintelligible script’
    • ‘curlicued cornices and portals’
    • ‘The rounded-off curves of the figure's body and face make her seem of a piece with the curlicued chair.’
    • ‘The people who work there write your order in gorgeous curlicued Thai letters on the universally green waiter pad.’
    • ‘To build up these images, Martinelli apparently rendered the basic architecture in heavy lines and then added curlicued and curved accents.’
    • ‘The first is a page of elaborately curlicued and unintelligible script.’
    • ‘Closer study revealed that the exquisite curlicued tracery was actually steel-springed bars.’
    • ‘Curlicued iron tables and chairs on the flagstoned terrace have a grand view beyond the lawn.’
    • ‘We went to a nearby restaurant, where we sat in curlicued wrought-iron chairs and reviewed my Sunday-school lesson while eating club sandwiches.’
    • ‘At the corners of the cube four stumpy pilasters rose to a quadrant of richly curlicued Corinthian capitals.’
    • ‘In drawing, Cocteau's characteristic line, often curlicued but rarely having to rethink, has a bravura which become a visual signature.’
    • ‘In the fine tradition of royal memorabilia, the early designs are gilt-edged, curlicued and expected to generate millions of pounds.’
    ornate, fancy, very elaborate, over-elaborate, embellished, curlicued, extravagant, flamboyant, baroque, rococo, fussy, busy, ostentatious, showy, wedding-cake, gingerbread



/ˈkərlēˌkyo͞od/ /ˈkərliˌkjud/