Definition of current account in English:

current account


  • An account at a bank or building society from which money may be withdrawn without notice, typically an active account catering for frequent deposits and withdrawals by cheque.

    • ‘The problem is that a bank current account is required to gain access to a number of money transmission systems.’
    • ‘Do you transfer money from your current account to a savings account regularly?’
    • ‘So it will be out with cheque books, current accounts and credit cards - where the company was a bit player.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, banks offering excellent current accounts, overdraft facilities, savings accounts and customer service are few and far between.’
    • ‘Offshore bank and building society savings accounts, interest-paying current accounts and bond funds are the primary targets under the new scheme.’
    • ‘Most offshore banks offer current accounts that provide you with a cheque book and chip and pin card as well as telephone and internet banking.’
    • ‘Roughly €39.6 billion is resting in deposit and current accounts, according to Central Bank figures.’
    • ‘Likewise, traditionally banks would offer current accounts, but these days most building societies offer them as well.’
    • ‘With a current account mortgage, your bank account, savings and mortgage are all with the same provider.’
    • ‘Instead I used ‘real money’ from our current account by paying with a debit card.’
    • ‘But you may still get more for your money by using a cashback credit card and a current account that pays a high interest rate.’
    • ‘It is very easy to let our money idle in traditional current accounts that earn us a pittance in interest.’
    • ‘If you prefer to keep some money in your current account, make sure it's earning all that it can by moving to a better account.’
    • ‘Nobody told them the capital account and the current account balance automatically if the exchange rate is free to float.’
    • ‘These include payment of interest on current accounts, portable credit history and an unbundling of banking services.’
    • ‘The credit balance in your current account offsets your mortgage debt, reducing your interest bill even more.’
    • ‘I have one credit card account, with the same bank as my current account.’
    • ‘This is probably because some banks have been offering current accounts with as much as 4 per cent interest.’
    • ‘Make sure you set up a direct debit from your current account to clear the balance every month.’
    • ‘I have two current accounts and a savings account.’
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current account