Definition of cursedness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkərsidnəs/


informal, dated

See cursed

‘That is part of the cursedness of the shotgun messenger's life - the loneliness of it.’
  • ‘But - even if you stand on every hilltop around, and even if you enlist all your powers of cursedness and evil, you know - and we know that you know - that we are the blessed.’
  • ‘The laws of infernal dynamics are an adage about the cursedness of the universe.’
  • ‘Of top priority, of course, is the gospel, which is a fuller answer to the cursedness than standing up to bullies or hugging a grieving mother.’
  • ‘This fulness of cursedness is either particular or general.’
  • ‘This also limits the cursedness of the mobile units purported to contain biological weapons, so often invoked as uninspectable.’
  • ‘He, however, was not suited to this new reality; his entire being was attuned to adapting to the cursedness of the material world, and he was unable to transcend this curse.’
  • ‘As a garden weed, it was generally left unpulled for fear offending the Aul Man or the fairies, hence, despite its cursedness, it was in every garden.’
  • ‘The cursedness of linearity seems always to loom large over games adapted from movies as developers seem constrained by the content of their filmic counterparts.’
  • ‘‘Infertility for Christians is associated with cursedness, and having children, especially in the Old Testament, is considered a blessing,’ he said.’
  • ‘Jeremiah proclaimed that trusting in man brings on a state of being of cursedness.’
  • ‘And so because we are free to choose good or evil, we can say that God will allow us to seek blessedness or cursedness.’
  • ‘Rarely have I seen any really great advertising created without a certain amount of confusion, throw-aways, bent noses, irritation and downright cursedness.’
  • ‘We have the power of ‘the eye ‘- that thing so many historical paintings are obsessed with - the ability to hold a man captive with a stare and then abandon him to cursedness.’’
  • ‘O gluttony, full of all cursedness; O cause first of our confusion, Original of our damnation, Till Christ had bought us with his blood again!’
  • ‘This movie is talking to us all about the cursedness of our modern social life, and more specifically, the cursedness of modern knowing.’