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curtain raiser

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  • An entertainment or other arts event happening just before a longer or more important one.

    ‘Bach's Sinfonia in B flat was an ideal curtain-raiser to Mozart's last piano concerto’
    • ‘The Sinfonietta is well established in the concert repertoire as an ideal curtain-raiser, and the operas are rightly regarded as modern classics, still challenging but unshakably masterly.’
    • ‘In gloriously warm weather, the festival provided the perfect curtain-raiser to the main event, Kent CCC's President's XI versus and Old England XI.’
    • ‘The only other match this weekend on York waters should provide a curtain-raiser for the big event as Local AC tackle the Palace Ings tomorrow.’
    • ‘The Regent Street event is a fantastic curtain-raiser for the Grand Prix and the opportunity to bring the fans even closer to the sport and their heroes.’
    • ‘The Battle of Kangwha Island was to be just a curtain-raiser for the sad event that took place eight years later.’
    • ‘Played on a wet surface as a curtain-raiser to the main event, the match was not even granted the benefit of ball boys.’
    • ‘At one time, so I am led to believe, it was considered as a curtain-raiser to Cats but this idea was also abandoned.’
    • ‘Both curtain-raisers should provide entertaining rugby with the Aloes again fielding an impressive line-up against the Natal Wildebeest.’
    • ‘The day's event will include a series of curtain-raisers starting at 8am, and music performance by kwaito star Super before the big game at 3pm.’
    • ‘Tarantino begins with the logo from a 1970s Hong Kong production company, Shaw Brothers, the curtain-raiser for innumerable fan references.’
    • ‘The top four in the table based on those results will go into semi-finals, with the final being played as a curtain-raiser to the main York 9s finale.’
    • ‘The review is the curtain-raiser to six days of events in the Solent, including a sound-and-light show, drumhead ceremony for veterans and the International Festival of the Sea.’
    • ‘This is a true curtain-raiser, used to kick-start many an event, most recently the NSO's concert at Farmleigh.’
    • ‘In that event, one of them could be used as a curtain-raiser to a replay.’
    • ‘The short Feydeau farcettes were originally written as curtain-raisers for Parisian audiences who expected more for their money than one straight play.’
    • ‘In the curtain-raiser Federals put in a spirited performance against South in a match which didn't reach any dizzy heights in terms of skill, but held a level of entertainment value.’
    • ‘Played as a curtain-raiser to the FBD League final, the performance of the Mayo champions certainly succeeded in the whetting the appetites of all in attendance.’
    • ‘The curtain-raiser at 5.45 pm will be a Premier league match between Winter Rose and Hellmann Old Selbornians.’
    • ‘The curtain-raiser sees Buffaloes and Milo Old Selbornians clash in a Premier league Top Six fixture at 5.30 pm.’
    • ‘Audiences should be sure to arrive early for the evening's performance, in order to catch a special curtain-raiser called Seuss Forsooth.’
    foreword, preface, preamble, prologue, prelude, front matter, lead-in


curtain raiser

/ˈkərt(ə)n ˌrāzər/ /ˈkərt(ə)n ˌreɪzər/


Late 19th century originally used in the theater to denote a short opening piece performed before a play.