Definition of curtain speech in English:

curtain speech


  • A speech of thanks or appreciation to an audience, made after a performance by an actor playing a leading role, typically from the front of the stage with the curtains closed.

    ‘So he famously said in a first-night curtain speech at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East in 1956.’
    • ‘His curtain speech, in the style of an old actor manager, was a joy and fitted perfectly into the comic framework of the evening.’
    • ‘She gave the first curtain speech I had ever seen.’
    • ‘Occasionally I'll have to rehearse a curtain speech, but rather than giving the speech I'll sing a kitschy old song and she'll do an impromptu jazz routine.’
    • ‘Throughout the difficult period, Alliger attended Dance Umbrella performances and, since he curated what proved to be the final season, continued to make his customary curtain speech.’
    • ‘And in many ways, the former presidential candidate has to give a shower curtain speech.’
    • ‘As well, Clark's attempted inclusion of a list of credits for the institute has been arbitrarily knocked back on the grounds that it's his curtain speech.’
    • ‘We can easily understand why the critics are disturbed, even outraged, by Heisenberg's eloquent, exculpatory curtain speech.’


curtain speech

/ˈkərtn spēCH/ /ˈkərtn spitʃ/