Definition of curtain time in English:

curtain time

Pronunciation /ˈkərtn tīm/ /ˈkərtn taɪm/


in singular
  • The beginning of a stage performance.

    ‘curtain time is at 8 p.m.’
    • ‘Miraculously, the skies opened up on Saturday afternoon and golden rays of sunlight dried the stage by curtain time.’
    • ‘On a treeless mountainside a half mile distant, forty or more elks were milling about like so many performers waiting for curtain time, and a few would-be stars were exercising their vocal chords now and again to stay warmed up.’
    • ‘Now in Columbus, four hours before curtain time, as Stephen was finishing last-minute preparations, we were talking about the question that must plague all small-scale organizers: Does any of this matter?’
    • ‘They're going to send me away because they don't trust me with the show,’ but I had my costume and wig on and it was five minutes to curtain time.’
    • ‘‘Listen, if you want, I can maybe delay the curtain time by doing one of my famous limited edition knock knock jokes,’ he suggested which had Trey rolling his eyes.’
    • ‘Although the theater was almost full at curtain time, and there was occasional laughter, the audience began trickling out, slowly but steadily, forty-five minutes into the play.’
    • ‘Several minutes before curtain time, people are still shuffling down the aisles to their seats when they notice that something is already happening up on the stage of the BAM Opera House.’
    • ‘For one thing, curtain time for the show on Sunday evenings is 7: 30.’
    • ‘At live shows, the band is known for soundchecking at half-volume, then cranking it all the way up at curtain time for an unsuspecting soundman.’
    • ‘At curtain time, the studio was electric with anxiety.’
    • ‘Also, we learned before curtain time, Marge was out sick that night - you don't get that at the movies.’
    • ‘We had an hour to spare before curtain time so we stopped into an Indian restaurant just off of Times Square in the heart of midtown.’
    • ‘And as long as it's not within an hour of curtain time at Orchestra Hall, there's always a seat.’
    • ‘Ten minutes before curtain time, with a full house, he doubled the amount of money he wanted.’
    • ‘Each of the four teams will rehearse all four plays until curtain time at 7: 30 p.m.’
    • ‘‘There's an old adage that musicals aren't written, they're re-written,’ says Schur, who will probably be tinkering until curtain time.’
    • ‘The tradition it celebrates may have all but died in the age of instant celebrity but there is something touching about the ailing Fanny's passionate invocation of the rituals of curtain time.’
    • ‘Much planning and rehearsals have gone into the show over the last number of weeks and now, amid much excitement and anticipation it's finally curtain time.’
    • ‘Depending on how many people use their free tickets, you may be able to score one of your own before curtain time.’
    • ‘He's considering alternate curtain times that might be better for families and would like to make tickets more accessible to and affordable for the ‘K through 40-year-olds.’’