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  • Having the form of a curve; bent.

    ‘birds with long curved bills’
    • ‘Its interior offers a complex expanse of soaring, curved steel beams.’
    • ‘On his return he painstakingly reproduced the Wyoming plains on the curved walls of the diorama.’
    • ‘The steering wheel chosen for the model is the flat curved spoke variety.’
    • ‘Access to the observation area is via a curved staircase only.’
    • ‘The reflector is a standard fitting on the front pillar of the bike, hence the curved mount.’
    • ‘The most intimidating part of the auditorium was its drop ceiling, a basket weave of 8,000 dissimilar, curved shapes.’
    • ‘The entrance is an ellipse made of steel cladding with curved glass panels at intervals.’
    • ‘Elbow macaroni is an American term for short, curved macaroni.’
    • ‘Slim, tubular horizontal steel members are fixed at 1 m intervals to curved ribs.’
    • ‘A walk through the room with its low, curved stone ceiling leads to a passageway.’
    • ‘Winds blowing in the upper atmosphere in curved paths are called gradient winds.’
    • ‘Secluded, smaller scale "reading" rooms, containing curved benches, are sited within the garden periphery.’
    • ‘The design's signature is the curved wall that defines an edge of the courtyard.’
    • ‘The curved, four-story building incorporates masses of brick that relate to other parts of the community.’
    • ‘The wave power device looks like a large curved concrete wall 40-metres long, with a box-like chamber in the centre of it.’
    • ‘The flexible, permanent set consists of a curved wall, covered with a disturbingly lurid purple wallpaper whose pattern varies in scale from normal to absurdly large.’
    • ‘The seats also can be fully inclined to be virtually horizontal but with a curved shape that better moulds to the body contours.’
    • ‘This force is active when wind is flowing around curved paths, and high or low pressure centers.’
    • ‘Given the upright but slightly curved posture of the rice leaves, this point was well exposed to prevailing light conditions.’
    • ‘In order for their to be a consistent quantum theory in this case, the curved space in which the string travels must be a solution to the Einstein equations.’