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  • Contained by or consisting of a curved line or lines.

    ‘these designs employ flowing, curvilinear forms’
    • ‘The sensuousness of the metal is reinforced and enhanced by his decorative curvilinear line that creates a virtuoso effect of dramatic splendour.’
    • ‘In his first year of painting, Gongkam proved to be a talented young artist and created beautiful works consisting of abstract curvilinear lines.’
    • ‘The surgeon makes a curvilinear (ie, curved) infraumbilical incision using a #10 knife blade.’
    • ‘For Reginfo, the top horizontal line with the curvilinear arrow bears the same connotation as one of the implications of the quartered circle.’
    • ‘Its fluid curvilinear, concave and convex forms let it appear sculptured rather than built, resembling in its shape a wind swept submarine with the sprawled arms of a sphinx.’
    • ‘They're lovely and the curvilinear lines are fluid and beautiful.’
    • ‘Lichenometric dating curves are curvilinear, and so the older the age estimate the less accurate it is likely to be.’
    • ‘The interior is meticulously designed with inviting hardwood floors and curving wooden counters reflecting the rounded ceiling of the curvilinear trailer.’
    • ‘Gummer has invented a novel means of integrating sharp-angled rectilinear with undulating curvilinear complexes by having them pass through each other.’
    • ‘Its streamlined modernist line in sheer cliff faces and sleek curvilinear walls was celebrated by leading architects of the day and was a perfect ingredient in Art Deco style.’
    • ‘Straight lines gave way to the asymmetrical and curvilinear.’
    • ‘One sherd has a curvilinear motif, and punctates or short trailed lines bordering longer lines are relatively rare.’
    • ‘The two curvilinear models were exponential growth or decay curves and piecewise linear regression models.’
    • ‘From above showing the curvilinear sympathies with the railway lines.’
    • ‘In the past few years the skirts have become skorts (skirt to the front and shorts to the back) and the shirt has transformed into a fitted jersey that complements the more curvilinear shape of the female body.’
    • ‘It is also true that the curvilinear streets of neosuburbs can shelter the most unlikely assemblages of citizens behind the apparent uniformity of their extruded facades.’
    • ‘Here, too were the louvres, the broad-based wooden benches, the curvilinear balusters supporting rails around polished wooden platforms.’
    • ‘They are among the earliest curvilinear glass houses ever built, pre-dating Chatsworth House's Stove House and the Crystal Palace in London.’
    • ‘One roadside stall moulded its hash into curvilinear arrangements that looked like something out of a box of Liquorice Allsorts.’
    • ‘On the southern flank a cluster of students formed a curvilinear outline that resembled the geography of India.’



/ˌkərvəˈlinēər/ /ˌkərvəˈlɪniər/


Mid 17th century from Latin curvus ‘bent, curved’, on the pattern of rectilinear.