Definition of cusec in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkyo͞osek/ /ˈkjusɛk/


  • A unit of flow (especially of water) equal to one cubic foot per second.

    ‘Out of this water, estimated to be about 70,000 cusecs, only 22,000 cusecs could reach Harike headworks late last night because the rest was soaked by the completely dry river bed.’
    • ‘From the Pong reservoir on the Beas river the release should normally be between 8,000 cusecs and 10,000 cusecs.’
    • ‘Pakistan's authorities though have inspected the project with possibility of changing its blue-print as it insists that commissioning the project will affect its smooth supply to the extent of 7,000 cusecs of water a day.’
    • ‘The canal has a total capacity of 30 cusecs of water, which would irrigate about 11,500 kanals of wasteland under Warila Pass.’
    • ‘According to Pakistan, the Baglihar dam would deprive it of more than 7,000 cusecs water a day destroying its agriculture.’
    • ‘The Thein Dam power plant is primarily a peaking station with a capability of generating its full capacity of 600 MW for not more than eight hours in a day with water release of 24000 cusecs.’
    • ‘True, he presided over the Cauvery River Authority and asked Karnataka to release 9,000 cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu every day.’
    • ‘The NCP state president alleged that leave aside completion of second phase of the project, its first phase has failed to lift 1150 cusecs of water from the two lifting stations near Lakhanpur and Basanterpur.’
    • ‘He said though only 500 cusecs of water was being released in an authorised manner into the Narwana branch, the SYL canal and Narwana branch were over flowing by nearly 30 times.’
    • ‘The book concludes that rainwater-harvesting programmes executed in some parts of the district are expected to save more than 750 million cusecs of water during the ensuing season.’
    • ‘As compared to yesterday, when there was just 201 cusecs of water, water was passing through all eight spans of the Ghaggar bridge.’
    • ‘The report from Ruacana notes an improving river flow of 214 cusecs.’
    • ‘As many as 33,000 cusecs of water has been released from Harangi reservoir since Wednesday evening.’
    • ‘The Sutlej, which is flowing at 87,000 cusecs at Bonkar Dogran village on Wednesday.’
    • ‘Indians say the barrage would maintain the water level up to 4,000 cusecs round the year, thus making river navigable between Baramulla and Srinagar.’
    • ‘The maximum water discharge decreased to 10,817 cusecs last year.’
    • ‘During the recent floods, the spillway discharged an enormous quantity of seven lakh cusecs, still four lakh cusecs short of its designed capacity.’
    • ‘The discharge at Khab, where the Spiti river joins Sutlej, was 213 cusecs, out of which the Spiti contributed 99 cusecs.’
    • ‘The inflow of water in Gobind Sagar today was 34,000 cusecs, almost the same that was yesterday and day before.’
    • ‘According to an official release, water level was below the 4000 cusecs mark and it was receding further.’


Early 20th century abbreviation of cubic foot per second.