Definición de cush-cush en inglés


(also cush-cush yam)

Pronunciación /ˈko͝oSH ˌko͝oSH/ /ˈkʊʃ ˌkʊʃ/


  • 1A tropical American yam which produces a number of tubers on each plant.

    Also called yampee

    Dioscorea trifida, family Dioscoreaceae

    • ‘The main drawback of this system is that the high purity of the juice in the cush-cush is recirculated through the mill module.’
    1. 1.1The edible tuber of the cush-cush plant, eaten as a vegetable.
      • ‘They include the white yam, the sweet yam, the finger yam (with long finger-like protuberances), and the brownish-red-skinned cush-cush.’


Late 19th century perhaps ultimately of African origin.