Definition of cushioned in English:



  • Covered by soft padding that provides comfortable support, especially for sitting or leaning on.

    ‘she is sitting on a cushioned stool’
    • ‘The High Priestess sat regally in a thickly cushioned, red velvet seat.’
    • ‘"Please, sit," she said, gesturing towards a cushioned bench.’
    • ‘The one-legged chair was replaced with a comfortable, cushioned armchair.’
    • ‘I sat in a large office, in a nice blue cushioned chair in front of the dean.’
    • ‘At dinner, we sit at a large shiny table in heavy chairs with cushioned seats.’
    • ‘The artist's major piece was an installation of nine ceramic babies seemingly stopped in the midst of crawling, on a cushioned cloth.’
    • ‘The plaza accommodates 1,000 cushioned folding chairs plus standing room.’
    • ‘The fan is cushioned with rubber grommets, mounted with long stainless steel bolts with the power cable running back into the case.’
    • ‘The floor is cushioned with durable but comfortable carpeting, and soft low sofas are the only real furniture.’
    • ‘The pillow has a 360-degree enclosure so your neck is cushioned no matter which way your head lolls.’