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‘The fiber pads are firm, and most consumers prefer the soft cushiony feel of bonded polyurethane pads that are made from recycled carpet pads and post-industrial scrap from furniture manufacturers.’
  • ‘The marble floor was replaced with the same material that was in the sparring dome, a soft, cushiony, smooth material that wouldn't hurt when you fell on it.’
  • ‘The cushiony soft pillow was a very welcome change.’
  • ‘Moving through the archway, Elaine sinks into the soft cushiony sofa, and frowns when Beth takes a seat on the nearby armchair.’
  • ‘The floor was soft, cushiony purple carpet that sank down under Zander's boots.’
  • ‘I pulled the sky blue covers off me and climbed out of the soft, cushiony bed.’
  • ‘These boards have a soft cushiony exterior, which is a real asset if you get hit by your board during a wipeout.’
  • ‘Look for a cushiony pair with flexible soles, ample space for your toes, and good traction.’
  • ‘The cushiony ankle strap is elastic, fully adjustable via a huge swath of Velcro.’
  • ‘I should send home for more money… I swing my legs over the side of my bed and plant my feet on the soft cushiony floor.’
  • ‘The pear-shaped bag filled with cushiony polystyrene beads easily moulds around the body.’
  • ‘That first night as we struggled for several hours to find a cushiony spot on the cracker thin futon mattress, we became aware of the winds.’
  • ‘With its big cushiony seat and gigantic whitewall tires I could ride over curbs and not even feel it.’
  • ‘She pulled herself up and was faintly aware of a soft cushiony fabric beneath her; so soft and comfortable that Tri was tempted to lay back down and let sleep take over her mind.’
  • ‘On an adjacent roof top, Bandit found a place where he could see Zoe in her living room, slouched in a cushiony chair while her mother busied herself in the kitchen, seemingly making sandwiches for the road.’
  • ‘Still, the product is thick and cushiony, making it suitable for sports facilities, such as gyms, and spaces where a certain ambiance is desired, such as sporting good stores.’
  • ‘Kicking my shoes of, I set my bags down, let Abby into the bathroom so that she didn't claw anything up, then shut the bathroom door and walked across the cushiony floor to the end of the closest bed.’
  • ‘Tiny feet tip-toed across a rug that was probably very expensive, up several flights of stairs of cushiony carpet and onto a hallway that was cold, lifeless, and noisy.’
  • ‘Devon made himself comfortable in the cushiony seat.’
  • ‘Keeran's head collided with cushiony roof of the car.’



/ˈko͝oSH(ə)nē/ /ˈkʊʃ(ə)ni/