Definition of cuspate in English:



See cusp

  • ‘Their macrostructures are similar to those of present-day soils, with pseudo-anticlinal structures and cuspate structures comparable to those produced by the expansion and contraction of swelling clays.’
  • ‘The asymmetry of folds at shallower levels in the overburden sequence suggest that the original anticlinal ridges at the base of the overburden sequence were cuspate.’
  • ‘The linear to cuspate sinter rim locally projects up to 30 cm over the water surface.’
  • ‘Behind the cuspate sand bar is a low-tide lagoon, which is completely submerged during high tide.’
  • ‘A regional sediment budget of cuspate foreland shorelines and the ‘missing’ element.’
  • ‘Tidal-estuarine, arcuate, cuspate, lobate, and birdfoot deltas have been mentioned in the literature.’
  • ‘Concentric folds of high amplitude, cuspate, and angular folds occur together in the Inner Foothills.’
  • ‘Examples include the hook-shaped cuspate spits on the shore of the Sea of Azov in the Ukraine.’
  • ‘In any case, Punta Catalina is a truncate cuspate spit formed during the late Holocene.’
  • ‘The heads of bays, spits, and cuspate forelands provide breeding areas for fish such as sand lance and surf smelt.’
  • ‘A cuspate foreland, ‘Flakket’, is situated in the Northwestern corner of the island.’
  • ‘The Effingham beach ridges are distinctive in that they show a series of cuspate forelands of dimension similar to Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral.’
  • ‘Few distributaries are found in cuspate deltas.’
  • ‘This cuspate foreland on Oak Island in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is one of many coastal features comprising the park's 17 significant sandscapes.’
  • ‘Beach changes around Futtsu-misaki cuspate spit located at the mouth of Tokyo Bay and protruding west are investigated through the comparison of aerial photographs.’