Definition of cussedly in English:




See cussed

‘With a bigger squad than ever before and less games in a shorter time, this was always going to be a difficult tour, yet Lenihan's organisation was cussedly obtuse, and the Irishman was the dominant figure behind the scenes.’
  • ‘Even the most cussedly autonomous ombudsmen can't help reflecting and defending the values of their colleagues.’
  • ‘Save for one disastrous half against England, they have been ruggedly and cussedly competitive against all-comers.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, the notion that what he's accomplished constitutes a body of work - perhaps the most intellectually audacious and cussedly idiosyncratic of any contemporary American filmmaker - strikes Morris as an odd one.’
  • ‘Behind a nondescript door, in one of those faceless modern buildings so common to downtown Washington, works a cussedly independent and most extraordinary man.’
  • ‘And you look like a galumphing big baby in that fluffy baby suit, he thought cussedly to himself.’