Definition of custard tart in English:

custard tart

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  • A sweet pastry crust with a custard filling, typically eaten cold.

    ‘the custard tart is paired with candied ginger’
    • ‘"The custard tarts are something special," she says.’
    • ‘We eventually get our custard tarts, still warm from the oven.’
    • ‘The custard tarts were so delicious that a few ladies were to be seen with large take-away portions of these sweet morsels.’
    • ‘I picked up a box containing two custard tarts.’
    • ‘I bought myself a new shirt and two custard tarts for a snack when I got home.’
    • ‘I enjoyed my custard tarts with a big mug of coffee and then had a good nap.’
    • ‘With recipes for a classic custard tart and a mouth-watering fish pie, the chef demonstrates that milk is really tasty and versatile as well as good for you.’
    • ‘She was only revived with the aid of a cup of tea, and a custard tart.’
    • ‘The local pastry shops sell the famous, and irresistible, Portuguese custard tarts.’
    • ‘On the sweeter side, there were the Chinese-style custard tarts, and various types of toast slathered with chocolate or condensed milk and butter.’
    • ‘Graham had chocolate eclairs and I treated myself to a small pack of custard tarts.’