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Pronunciation /-ˌSHip/

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‘Caring about each other, especially for children and those not able to protect or to provide for themselves, and caring about our country, our custodianship of the land, its waters and its future.’
  • ‘Using a computer telescope, they located their star, The Green School,’ the custodianship of which was bought for the school by the British Council in Mauritius.’
  • ‘This absolute right of restriction is based on a self-proclaimed custodianship of a religious or ethnic tradition, or a collective self-image, which must, apparently, be defended against the calumnies of dissenters.’
  • ‘Acknowledging prior custodianship of the land is important to Aboriginal people because it tells the truth about our history and allows future initiatives to develop based on truth.’
  • ‘The massive explosions in the centres of power in America are a painful slap in the face of US politicians to stop their illegitimate hegemony and attempts to impose custodianship on peoples.’
  • ‘How sad that it should have fallen into the custodianship of people who disagree with what the paper has long stood for and, whatever their Scottish roots, choose not to live their lives here.’
  • ‘Picasso's Guernica returned to Spain after 40 years custodianship in the US.’
  • ‘Its viability has been demonstrated over many years by the dedicated custodianship of the farm and its sheep flock by successive members of the Birkett family.’
  • ‘Each farm will have different levels of production, custodianship and diversification.’
  • ‘The whole heritage of the family that was under his custodianship has gone.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, for anyone who cares about the future of NMAH and of its custodianship of the nation's past, there are bigger issues to consider.’
  • ‘It is currently held as an asset under the custodianship of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo through the Kosovo Trust Agency.’
  • ‘It is obvious that Aborigines in many places do carry on with maintaining myth and ritual, custodianship of sacred sites, and attempt to perpetuate fragments of what they believe is a traditional world perception.’
  • ‘In 1737 the Medici were succeeded by the Lorraine-Habsburg dynasty of grand dukes, who were enlightened rulers who took their custodianship of the Florentine artistic patrimony very seriously.’
  • ‘This meant that not only all lands held of the king by a deceased tenant-in-chief, as well as the person of the heir, returned to royal custodianship, but also all other of the deceased's lands held of any lord whatsoever.’
  • ‘A good few years ago now custodianship of the PC standard was wrestled from IBM (with quite a bit of inadvertent help from Big Blue), and PC9x was the result of this.’
  • ‘As a result, the Silverton Branch under D&S custodianship is probably in better physical condition today than at any time in its entire 130-year history.’
  • ‘This relationship implies ownership and custodianship of physical sites, of lore, and of cultural artifacts including music, dance, story, and design.’
  • ‘Each company faces a dilemma - and perhaps loss of faith - concerning the custodianship of its incomparable inheritance.’
  • ‘Once their lack of cities was interpreted as a deficiency; now it is seen as a way of living with the land and sea that was admirable custodianship of the environment.’