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custom house

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(also customs house)
mainly historical
  • The office at a port or frontier where customs duty is collected.

    ‘Nineteenth-century customs houses, which were buildings of some distinction, survive in the capital-city ports, where they were once the centre of mercantile activity and the chief collectors of government revenue.’
    • ‘As a result, he says many more drivers now pass legally through customs houses and pay their required duties on items like textiles and livestock.’
    • ‘‘Corruption rates in Bulgarian customs houses were higher in 2002 compared to 1999,’ the report said.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Finance will team up with the Coast Guard Administration to launch intensive checks at customs houses in a bid to prevent the entry and exit of counterfeit products.’
    • ‘The customs house and post office closed their doors.’


custom house

/ˈkəstəm ˌhous/ /ˈkəstəm ˌhaʊs/