Definition of customer service in English:

customer service


mass noun
  • The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

    • ‘A recent survey on customer service concluded that nine out of 10 customers say how they are treated by a business is a major factor in determining where they will buy.’
    • ‘We have been recognized as one of the best airlines in the industry for customer service.’
    • ‘As befitting a company that has won awards for the quality of its customer service, Lakeland Limited has paid much attention to detail within the light and airy store.’
    • ‘More and more tools are being developed to help companies improve customer service and sales on their Web sites.’
    • ‘With a new chief executive at the helm, the company is slashing prices, upgrading customer service, and overhauling its product line.’
    • ‘Insurance firms will need more agents, claims adjusters, researchers and customer service representatives.’
    • ‘If you have questions, your credit card company has a toll free customer service number.’
    • ‘In previous jobs, I've had to deal with time-sheet fudgers and writers threatening companies with negative articles in retaliation for bad customer service.’
    • ‘As the service continues to scale, especially with heavy uptake in emerging markets like India, providing decent customer service remains an issue.’
    • ‘Customer service is one of the key components in any successful business.’
    • ‘Firms must cut costs, beef up balance sheets, and boost efficiency, quality, innovation and customer service.’
    • ‘The boat manufacturers could learn a lesson from the car companies in customer service and how to earn a customer for life, not just until the check is written.’
    • ‘Check the opening hours of customer service helplines and whether they are open at the weekends.’
    • ‘Shoppers can also get a refund of their bus fare from the customer service desks at its store in Basingstoke if they present their bus ticket and a receipt of their purchases.’
    • ‘Pauline, a 28 - year-old customer service officer, has suffered from stress and depression in the past.’
    • ‘Improved customer service and better communication between headquarters and store staff will lead to higher sales.’
    • ‘"We have become known for being innovators in the industry as well as for providing topnotch customer service," he said.’
    • ‘Noye says job cuts will only punish loyal staff and do nothing to improve staff morale or customer service.’
    • ‘He has a hundred full-time staff members at an office in Hong Kong to handle customer service.’
    • ‘Companies may be forced to compete less on price and more on customer service.’