Definition of cut-and-come-again in English:


Pronunciation /ˈˌkəd n ˈkəm əˌɡen/ /ˈˌkəd n ˈkəm əˌɡɛn/

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usually as modifier
  • A garden plant, especially a green vegetable or a flower, that can be repeatedly cut or harvested.

    ‘cut-and-come-again spinach’
    • ‘Plant cut-and-come-again vegetables that can be harvested a few leaves, sprigs, or stems at a time.’
    • ‘More than seven years ago, he set aside an 18-by 25-foot section of the garden just for cut-and-come-again blooms.’
    • ‘We grow some as cut-and-come-again kinds and others to mature for harvest all at once.’
    • ‘If broadcasting the seeds as a cut-and-come-again crop, they can be sown fairly thickly, otherwise sow them a half inch deep in fertile soil, thinning to 10 ‘- 12 ‘apart.’’
    • ‘Then we planted seeds of these varieties in containers as cut-and-come-again crops.’