Definition of cut and dried in English:

cut and dried

Pronunciation /ˌkət ən ˈdrīd/ /ˌkət ən ˈdraɪd/

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  • often with negative (of a situation) completely settled or decided.

    ‘the championship is not as cut and dried as everyone thinks’
    • ‘Firstly, it is a new day, the IPCC is a reality today, but I am not sure where opinions are being formed; please accept from us that we have received no firm, cut and dried, clearcut proposals in respect of any change.’
    • ‘We are up at Workington next which is going to be a real tough game so it's definitely not cut and dried at the moment.’
    • ‘He went on say that where bonus schemes were cut and dried and that was not fair, the situation should be looked at, and that drew more scattered applause.’
    • ‘I think it's cut and dried already that they are going to close the place.’
    • ‘That uncertainty was understandable given previous occasions when they have thrown it away, but while it was far from cut and dried, there was a certain resilience in this display that gradually chipped away at the chances of a repeat.’
    • ‘The second movement was a triumph, cut and dried.’
    • ‘Of course the real causes of the Civil War are much more complex and the real attitudes of the two regions towards slavery and equality aren't as cut and dried as people would like to believe.’
    • ‘The committee is satisfied that the matter is not cut and dried, and that meaningful consultation is taking place.’
    • ‘The process has been entirely legitimate and there is nothing certainly cut and dried about the application.’
    • ‘But in practice the issue isn't so cut and dried, because while lawyers have a duty to the court, it's not their job to convict their client.’
    definite, decided, settled, explicit, specific, precise, unambiguous, clear-cut, unequivocal, black and white, hard and fast
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