Definition of cut something down to size in English:

cut something down to size


  • Reduce the size or power of something, for example an organization, which is regarded as having become too large or powerful.

    ‘the government clearly plans to cut councils down to size’
    • ‘The roots of France's secularism lie in the struggle against the overweening power of the Catholic church: how to cut it down to size and assert the primacy - and neutrality - of the state.’
    • ‘That means cutting the debt mountain down to size.’
    • ‘The work of the Scottish parliament was always going to be a tough sell in screaming headlines, but the syllabically challenged tabloids did their best by promptly cutting this new institution down to size.’
    • ‘It isn't a moral argument but, invaluably, it cuts the new imperialism down to size.’
    • ‘It may cut his network down to size; but it may also galvanize it to expand.’