Definition of cut the Gordian knot in English:

cut the Gordian knot


  • Solve or remove a problem in a direct or forceful way, rejecting gentler or more indirect methods.

    ‘Kirk may cut the Gordian knot by booting me out’
    • ‘I'm trying to devise some kind of way by which we can cut the Gordian knot… without going through the bureaucracy.’
    • ‘So why not end this piecemeal approach - and cut the Gordian knot by granting citizenship to all Japan-born Koreans?’
    • ‘We haven't been particularly skilled at that, and perhaps no foreign sword could cut the Gordian knot of an old, stubborn culture.’
    • ‘She cut the Gordian knot by allowing tenants the right to buy at discounted prices, trading one benefit for another.’
    • ‘When conflicts arise, the Kremlin has tended to cut the Gordian knot rather than attempting to untie it.’
    • ‘But the Vaisya community has cut the Gordian knot, finding a way out of the problem.’
    • ‘It may be that the statute so far as we are in the business of considering the statute, cuts the Gordian knot and just says, ‘Well, don't worry about the legal categories.’’
    • ‘Nothing relevant occurred until 15th May, when the famous meeting took place at which a proposal was made to cut the Gordian knot, without the presence or participation of the Claimants.’
    • ‘Charles de Gaulle - a statesman of great vision and courage - cut the Gordian knot and extricated France from the unwinnable war in Algeria.’
    • ‘Maybe enough support might emerge for another idea that would cut the Gordian knot of constitutional change.’