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  • Relating to or affecting the skin.

    ‘cutaneous pigmentation’
    • ‘The mammary glands are specialized cutaneous glands that develop rapidly but incompletely at puberty.’
    • ‘New fibres are redirected to cutaneous sweat glands and hence gustatory sweating occurs.’
    • ‘The sural nerve sometimes supplies the dorsal cutaneous area of the lateral two and one-half toes.’
    • ‘The ocular, cutaneous, and articular manifestations frequently respond to treatment.’
    • ‘No dilated cutaneous vessels were noted on the anterior aspect of chest.’
    • ‘Careful blunt dissection was performed with care taken not to sever the cutaneous branches of the sural nerve.’
    • ‘The two nerves most likely to cause pain or numbness around the hip are the sciatic and lateral femoral cutaneous nerves.’
    • ‘Other connecting branches with the medial brachial cutaneous and radial nerve have also been described.’
    • ‘Topical agents can be useful in treating cutaneous and musculoskeletal pain.’
    • ‘The most frequently reported infections are postsurgical, primary cutaneous and pulmonary.’
    • ‘No other cutaneous or subcutaneous lesions were detected on physical examination.’
    • ‘One explanation for this might be that athletes develop cutaneous blood vessels that respond more to vasodilatory stimuli.’
    • ‘No patient reported symptoms at the lateral cutaneous branch of the superficial peroneal nerve or the sural nerve.’
    • ‘For the in vivo part of this study, cutaneous blood vessels of the hamster dorsal skin flap model were used.’
    • ‘With inhibition or failure of the skin's protective mechanisms, cutaneous infection may occur.’
    • ‘The medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve is initially identified and protected with a vessel loop.’
    • ‘The one to two branches of the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve were identified and protected.’
    • ‘The presence of widespread cutaneous disease impairs the reliability of skin tests.’
    • ‘The nerve sometimes communicates with the lateral cutaneous branch of the third intercostal nerve.’
    • ‘Lesions often start in the oral mucosa and may precede other cutaneous lesions by several weeks or months.’



/kyo͞oˈtānēəs/ /kjuˈteɪniəs/


Late 16th century from modern Latin cutaneus (from Latin cutis ‘skin’) + -ous.