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  • 1Botany Zoology
    A protective and waxy or hard layer covering the epidermis of a plant, invertebrate, or shell.

    ‘The waxy cuticle of this plant epidermis is there to help keep the plant from drying out.’
    • ‘In fruit flies, epidermal cells secrete the cuticle, a protective covering for the organism.’
    • ‘More than 100 mean values for water permeabilities determined with isolated leaf and fruit cuticles from 61 plant species are compiled and discussed in relation to plant organ, natural habitat and morphology.’
    • ‘The plant cuticle forms the outermost layer of leaves and fruits, separating the living cells from the atmosphere.’
    • ‘What caused it is not known - one of the most plausible suggestions is that it followed shortly after marine animals evolved protective shells and cuticles that allowed them to exploit new ecological niches.’
    • ‘Assuming similar size-related differences in residual transpiration as described above, leaf cuticles of smaller plants may be even more efficient barriers for water loss.’
    • ‘Growing tumours do not regenerate epidermal layers and cuticles.’
    • ‘In this study a new experimental technique was used that allowed the measurement of cuticular transpiration of isolated plant cuticles and leaf discs.’
    • ‘Oil droplets penetrated or diffused into plants via both stomata and the cuticle of leaves and stems, and then moved within intercellular spaces and into various cells including phloem and xylem.’
    • ‘The outermost cell layer is the epidermis with a cuticle that covers the entire seed coat.’
    • ‘Finally, mosses may, like higher plants, also have a waxy cuticle and stomata to help control evaporation.’
    • ‘As with any integument, plant cuticle is a functional organ reflecting the response of ultra-structure and chemistry of the plant surface to a variety of environmental pressures.’
    • ‘For instance, if a population of plants in a moist environment is exposed to ever-increasing dryness, only those plants carrying genes for deeper roots and waxier cuticles will survive.’
    • ‘For example, chitin gives strength and stiffness to the shells / cuticles of shrimps and insects and to the cell walls of fungi.’
    • ‘The abaxial side of leaves, consisting of the lower epidermis and the cuticle, was peeled using tweezers, weighed, and placed in a counting vial.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the relatively small organs of Arabidopsis make the functional analysis of its plant cuticle a difficult task.’
    • ‘Most of the experimental studies were conducted using astomatous isolated cuticles, others used epidermal strips, leaf discs or entire leaves.’
    • ‘The skin or epidermis that surround the stomata secretes a waxy cuticle that inhibits the evaporation of water from the epidermal area of the leaf.’
    • ‘Life on plants would be impossible for insects if they had no adhesive pads providing attachment to smooth cuticles of plant leaves and stems.’
    • ‘An insect's body covering, the cuticle, contains fat layers making the cuticle nearly waterproof and preventing water loss.’
    1. 1.1Zoology
      another term for epidermis
      ‘Most concretions do not split at the rock/cuticle interface but rather split along internal laminations in the cuticle.’
      • ‘The chitinous cuticle that covers the infundibulum extends into and covers the inner surface of the acetabulum.’
      • ‘When the claw flexor relaxes and/or when the tarsus is pushed away from the body, the arolium is folded back and detaches from the surface by elastic recoil of the cuticle.’
      • ‘The cuticle laminations lining the counterpart obscure epibionts and reduce the resultant epibiont prevalence in the fossil record.’
      • ‘First we examined the cuticles of the dead embryos/larvae, looking for an example of lateral spacing defects observed in aos zygotic mutants, but found no obvious abnormalities (data not shown).’
      • ‘Present knowledge of the transport properties of cuticles is based exclusively on results obtained with astomatous leaf surfaces or astomatous cuticular membranes.’
      • ‘The most obvious feature of a Drosophila larva is the regular segmentation of the larval cuticle along the antero-posterior axis, each segment carrying cuticular structures that define it as, for example, thorax or abdomen.’
      • ‘The compounds can penetrate the insect cuticle as they can human skin.’
  • 2The outer cellular layer of a hair.

    ‘Hair care products are designed in different ways to interact with the cuticle of the hair, which is the outer layer.’
    • ‘But don't do this everyday because it could damage the hair cuticle.’
    • ‘After 20 minutes under a heat lamp, the concoction causes hair cuticles to close, making tresses soft and shiny, says Kim Vo, co-owner of B2V salon in West Hollywood.’
    • ‘Natural hair This lightweight noncreamy formula provides a healthy boost of essential vitamins and reconstructive polymers to revitalize dry hair and strengthen cuticles.’
    • ‘The oils will nourish your hair and seal the cuticles.’
    • ‘This winner seals the hair cuticle for a shinier finish.’
    • ‘To smooth the hair cuticle and add moisture, she applied a light emollient, Phytologie Phyto 7, prior to blow-drying.’
    • ‘Doing the opposite will only cause the hair cuticle to become rough, creating unnecessary frizz.’
    • ‘Also, look for finishing creams with emollients and serums that soften the hair cuticle.’
    • ‘Opaque shampoos have different chemistries and may even affect the cuticle of the hair differently.’
    • ‘These add moisture, hydrating the cuticle so the hair is less dry and less likely to split.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet rays can burn the hair's cuticle, or outer layer, leaving it dry and brittle; they also can damage pigment and reduce hair's strength and elasticity.’
    • ‘The cortex (inner layer) of your hair is protected by the cuticle (outer layer).’
    • ‘The sun's UV-rays can cause permanent damage to the outside covering of the hair the cuticle and it can also penetrate into the centre, the cortex, where it can do all sorts of damage.’
    • ‘The Epsom salts close the hair cuticle, making hair stronger, while the bananas soften it.’
    • ‘SEM micrographs also showed the upper zone of the hair where the cuticle was detached, forming a subcuticular chamber for the secreted material.’
    • ‘Healthy hair lies flat, but when hair is damaged the individual scales of the cuticles stand up and separate, making strands coarse.’
    • ‘It moisturizes the hair and plumps up the cuticle layer.’
    • ‘Each strand of hair is constructed of three components - the cuticle, cortex and medulla.’
    • ‘When the cuticle is healthy, its scales lie flat, giving hair that smooth, shiny look.’
  • 3The dead skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail.

    ‘Creams soften the nails and feet, toenails are trimmed and an oscillating machine tidies up the cuticles and removes dead or hard skin.’
    • ‘In addition, the cuticle of the fingernails often gets very ragged, overgrown, and irregular.’
    • ‘The company, based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., makes Voter Control Ink, a dye that stains fingernails and cuticles for up to 48 hours and helps to prevent voter fraud.’
    • ‘His fingernails and cuticles are bitten and chewed.’
    • ‘He was so interested in his cuticles and his fingernails.’
    • ‘The cuticle and skin around the nails becomes swollen, red, and sometimes painful.’
    • ‘Recent studies show that most germs on the hands reside under the fingernails and cuticles.’
    • ‘And as Raechel gently removed the dead cuticle around each nail she talked me through the method of achieving a perfect pedicure at home.’
    • ‘Dab a little cuticle cream/body lotion on each toe and gently push the cuticle to the base of each nail to enable proper nail growth.’
    • ‘Massage petroleum jelly on hands to condition dry skin and cuticles.’
    • ‘If you get any solution on your fingernails or toenails, use alcohol to keep your cuticles from turning orange.’
    • ‘Nail pens are the cheater's way to clean up that raggedy old skin you call cuticles and make your nails look better, too.’
    • ‘Whenever I'm stuck in traffic, I file my nails and massage my cuticles with cuticle cream.’
    • ‘Rub cuticle oil into your cuticles and onto your nails for instant shine.’
    • ‘She gazed absently at her fingernails, pushing down the cuticles and digging out small pieces of dirt that had become lodged between the nail and skin.’
    • ‘I'll paint my fingers and toes with Times Red Square, a deep crimson varnish by Essie, taking great care to prime my nails with a base coat so that the dark colour won't stain my cuticles.’
    • ‘‘It's my fingers that worry me,’ she moans, showing me some reddened cuticles.’
    • ‘He was attended by physician Ana Maria Lazaric at the hospital, whose examination found nothing abnormal except for a puncture mark in the left ring finger, between the nail and the flesh of the cuticle.’
    • ‘This compact case contains fine-tip cuticle scissors, a cuticle pusher, a stainless-steel nail file and a chrome nail clipper.’
    • ‘The manicurist can then gently push the cuticles back with her finger or a towel.’



/ˈkyo͞odək(ə)l/ /ˈkjudək(ə)l/


Late 15th century (denoting a membrane of the body): from Latin cuticula, diminutive of cutis ‘skin’.