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  • 1A shape of a person or thing cut out of cardboard or another material.

    ‘a life-size cut-out’
    • ‘The figures are life-size cut-outs, silhouetted against the stark white walls, which gives them a three-dimensional sculptural quality.’
    • ‘These are the proxy friends in the bank and life size cut-outs in the banking hall reassure the punters that they may not be there in person, but they are watching over them.’
    • ‘Perhaps I should make a life-size cut-out of my boss in secret and sit at the front desk one day…’
    • ‘George Jones once drove around Memphis for a week, high on gak, and talking to a lifesize cut-out of Elvis Presley.’
    • ‘We have a life-size cut-out of Frank so he is with us to see the game.’
    • ‘As with the twisted form in ‘Bedlam in a Bottle’, the printed figures appear like cut-outs, the clothes stiff and angular like funeral weeds in black taffeta.’
    • ‘The figures were flat cut-outs; it was all very pixelated and the players themselves hardly resembled their live counterparts - apart from their skin colour.’
    • ‘It is amusing to count the number of places where you can spot cut-outs of the artist's face.’
    • ‘The central figure is much the least distorted, but even so her body is simply a flat silhouette like a metal cut-out which has been slightly twisted in a few places to give a suggestion of three dimensions.’
    • ‘In one corner is a cut-out of Sonia, head covered and hands folded in a ‘namaste’.’
    • ‘Black cats were everywhere and I also spotted a huge cut-out of a witch stirring her evil cauldron!’
    • ‘A lot of people are beginning to think that some of them are card board cut-outs.’
    • ‘Yes, I had a life size cut-out of Boba Fett in my house for way too long.’
    • ‘Then he saw Mella's life-size Angel cut-out and made a confused face.’
    • ‘The town water tower has a faded painting of the Man of Steel emblazoned on it; several stores have life-sized headless Superman cut-outs that you can pose behind if you're skinny enough.’
    • ‘The director who wins the most ‘bananas’ - a cut-out of a banana that is used to tally points on a scoreboard - wins a week of quality time with the resident gorilla.’
    • ‘My sister used to work in a record shop, and they'd frequently get life-sized cut-outs of stars to display on the premises, which would come to a horrible end in the alley round the back.’
    • ‘Unlike the previous years when the city's skyline used to be dotted with huge cut-outs of leaders, walls pasted with bills and streets littered with notices of various parties, they look barren still.’
    • ‘The ‘Vietnam film’ corner - bullet casings, camouflage nets - sits among full size cut-outs of obscure Hungarian heart-throbs.’
    • ‘Plastic cut-outs of school founders Marlene and George Edland will join thousands of others representing people from across the nation at Parliament House in Canberra.’
    1. 1.1A person perceived as characterless or as lacking in individuality.
      ‘this film's protagonists are cardboard cutouts’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the screenplay offers no fingerholds - characters are cardboard cut-outs, the plot detours wildly from logic.’
      • ‘And in a world where we no longer call a spade a spade but a multi-purpose topsoil cultivator, we need characters not cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘The result is long passages of simplistic monologue explaining basic Marxism in an entirely unconvincing manner, making the characters appear as cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘Building cardboard cut-outs into flesh-and-blood characters is a worthy endeavour, but Joe as the ageing Lothario and KC as the young stud doesn't do it.’
      • ‘But, if the film-makers had invested in real characters instead of cardboard cut-outs, it would have been a lot better.’
      • ‘The characters are cardboard cut-outs with little to distinguish them from each other, and the show is too long.’
      • ‘Some people thought the author was a genius, but others dismissed him as a charlatan who had merely strung together a necklace of ideas and facts and characters who were little more than cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘His characters prove more than cardboard comedy cut-outs, and the four members of the cast rise to the challenge superbly.’
      • ‘As it is, the book is an invaluable source for those interested in Tory history over three decades, but it is a shame that the protagonist should appear as a cardboard cut-out of self-righteous disappointment.’
      • ‘The supporting roles are no cardboard cut-outs either with a memorable gaggle of characters like the war veteran arcade owner and Taeko's upbeat girlfriends.’
      • ‘The concept of a human character has been replaced by a cardboard cut-out, each of which serves one of two purposes: to run away from the dinosaurs or to be eaten by them.’
      • ‘It's just that I've seen too many enthusiastic men for God crushed by a four-year study programme and student debts, squeezed into a mould they don't fit in order to produce more cardboard cut-outs on graduation.’
      • ‘The locals are portrayed as credible characters, albeit with their own set of very distinctive idiosyncrasies, rather than the predictable cardboard cut-outs who usually tend to populate such films.’
      • ‘These aren't just cardboard cut-outs playing against a blank background: these are people acting like people, looking like people, and moving through a fully realised world.’
      • ‘Impressively, the film also fleshes out its secondary characters, in particular the parents, too often reduced cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘History might be a morality play, but it doesn't mean that its participants are stereotyped cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘Those representing the criminal underworld could just about be interchangeable cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘But it was clear that all the money had been spent on making the film look good, and the talent had been replaced by cardboard cut-outs.’
      • ‘He is a cardboard cut-out, not a real adversary.’
      • ‘Why is the incumbent President (one even has to qualify which one!) acting like a cardboard cut-out in this matter?’
  • 2A hole cut in something for decoration or to allow the insertion of something else.

    ‘the mains output socket is fitted into a suitable cut-out on the rear panel’
    • ‘At the top of the tube there are two opposed semi-circular cut-outs which allow the air at the end of the tube to communicate with the air in the small clearance area around the inside of the bulge.’
    • ‘When mounted externally the metal backing plate has two cut-outs to allow the tubing to pass outside the case.’
    • ‘However the panel has a cut-out which allows status information to be seen without needing to move the fascia, so presumably voice activation would be the simplest way of dialing a number.’
    • ‘The apple, pumpkin, and blueberry pies were all glazed a golden brown, decorated with fringes, cut-outs and cinnamon, and they were every bit as good as everyone had promised.’
    • ‘The fabrics and eclectic prints are worked in original ways, with the intersecting pieces creating cut-outs and keyholes.’
    • ‘Once your invites are complete, drop them in envelopes, address and decorate with festive fall stickers or cut-outs.’
    • ‘Houses are decorated with colourful festoons, stars and cut-outs depicting the Lord Jesus' life and, of course, the quintessential Christmas tree.’
    • ‘All this is why Herzigova's gold dress, slit to the waist with a cut-out at the hip, is such a salvation.’
    • ‘A row of diamond shaped cut-outs lined the right side of the dress.’
    • ‘In the picture you will notice the cut-out in the board.’
    • ‘The decor is simple, stylish and contemporary, in neutral colours, and not overdone - I particularly liked the strange cylindrical cut-outs in the ceiling.’
    • ‘Shapes are stencilled onto coloured papers to make cut-outs, and onto photos, for cropping them into interesting shapes.’
    • ‘Finally, above where their grandfather clock used to be, there was a cut-out of a square.’
    • ‘One is the text, the other the idiotic design - lots of totally meaningless diagonal lines and demented cut-outs dropped in irritating positions on potentially really nice and informative photos.’
    • ‘Now, many knives feature cut-outs, colored handles and fancy inlays.’
    • ‘It comes with a flip-up section and has cut-outs so that some important parts of the mainboard such as the OTES housing are visible.’
    • ‘The brutal cut-outs stand in effective stark contrast to the gentle, slow art of pinhole photography.’
    • ‘The front cut-outs on the bonnet have been sealed and air now flows in through the spoiler before heading to the brake ducts for extra cooling.’
    • ‘The RIB also takes on water over the transom far too easily, not just at the cut-out for the outboard but over the transom itself.’
  • 3A device that automatically breaks an electric circuit for safety and either resets itself or can be reset.

    ‘there's a thermal cut-out to prevent overheating’
    • ‘But none of the ten brands provided for this non-self resetting thermal cut-out and, therefore, none conformed to the parameter for the abnormal operation test.’
    • ‘Brakes, overloads, spring catches, monitors and cut-outs that will prevent a lift full of punters from tumbling to a lifty death.’
    • ‘Lock-up is via a rising block that engages a cut-out in the steel barrel extension.’



/ˈkədˌout/ /ˈkədˌaʊt/