Definition of cuvée in English:


Pronunciation /k(y)o͞oˈvā/ /k(j)uˈveɪ/


  • A type, blend, or batch of wine, especially champagne.

    ‘the judicious addition of good-quality Pinot Meunier to a cuvée is indispensable’
    • ‘Be aware, too, that if you want superior British cuvées, or blends of champagne, you should buy your cross-Channel fizz at British-owned outlets - French stores don't stock the same quality.’
    • ‘The truth is that UK wine drinkers are widely acknowledged as among the most discerning in the world, most wine producers reserving their best cuvées, or blends, for Britain.’
    • ‘The bottle and label aren't the only things that are different with this wine: The cuvée is a bit different, too, with a bit more Chardonnay in the blend.’
    • ‘Krug does not make an ordinary non-vintage champagne but specializes exclusively in prestige cuvées, of which the multi-vintage Grande Cuvée is the flagship.’
    • ‘Recently it was the 100th anniversary of the floral bottled Belle Epoque champagne, the prestige cuvée of Perrier Jouët (in the same way that Dom Pérignon is Moët's big brother).’
    • ‘But now one can find cuvées laden with oak-infused Syrah, mimicking the sleek wines of the northern Rhone more than the generous Grenache-based wines we are used to seeing from the south.’
    • ‘Because the family makes the final choice every year in the blend of the cuvée, it means that the style is passed on from year to year.’
    • ‘Schramsberg makes seven different sparkling wines, from the nonvintage Mirabelle to its very expensive Reserve and J. Schram cuvées.’
    • ‘The top cuvées from the likes of Nyetimber and Ridgeview are often mistaken for something much posher from Reims or Epernay.’
    • ‘One cuvée the burglars left behind was Loose Bowels, Steadman's own wine, produced from 100 vines situated in a walled garden behind his studio.’
    • ‘Recently a young trader celebrating a great day at the office went to Lotus and spent $11,000 on the grande cuvée in one night.’
    • ‘The example NTT uses is a wine store where the prices of the various cuvées on offer are arranged as items floating in space, the cheapest bottles closest to the viewer and the most expensive further away, and spread from left to right by type.’
    • ‘The auction consists of the sale of barrels of this year's vintage from the hospice's many cuvées.’
    • ‘This cuvée - floral, biscuity and lingeringly silky - is one of its top two labels.’
    • ‘Every Chilean winery worth its salt now has a highly priced single estate cuvée, or icon wine.’
    • ‘Torres took these vines from extinction and used them to create his winery's best cuvée.’
    • ‘This reserve cuvée of commune big boy Vieux Telegraph was amazingly sweet and toffee-like, almost too easy and approachable for such a revered wine.’


Mid 19th century French, ‘vatful’, from cuve ‘cask’, from Latin cupa.