Definition of cuvette in English:


Pronunciation /kyo͞oˈvet/ /kjuˈvɛt/


  • A straight-sided, optically clear container for holding liquid samples in a spectrophotometer or other instrument.

    ‘A paddle cuvette stirrer was placed in the quartz cuvette containing the liposome suspension.’
    • ‘The sample powders were packed in the cuvettes or tubes, and the remaining liquid nitrogen was removed carefully.’
    • ‘All experiments were made in quartz cuvettes, and the sample solutions were kept at constant stirring during the measurements.’
    • ‘These currents become progressively stronger when the depth of the liquid in the cuvette is increased.’
    • ‘The tissue samples have been immersed into a cuvette with aqueous glucose or mannitol solution.’


Early 18th century from French, diminutive of cuve ‘cask’, from Latin cupa.