Definition of cyanosis in English:



  • A bluish discoloration of the skin resulting from poor circulation or inadequate oxygenation of the blood.

    ‘The skin and mucous membranes should be inspected for cyanosis, pallor, ecchymoses, telangiectasia, gingivitis, or evidence of bleeding from the oral or nasal mucosa.’
    • ‘Infants with coxsackie myocarditis have trouble breathing and sometimes develop cyanosis, a bluish color of the skin, lips, and nails caused by too little oxygen in the blood.’
    • ‘There was no clubbing, cyanosis, edema, arthritis, lymphadenopathy, or rash.’
    • ‘Physical examination revealed a dehydrated man with poor skin turgor but no evidence of pedal edema, cyanosis, dubbing, or telangiectasia.’
    • ‘The patient's general appearance should be assessed for evidence of resting dyspnea, cyanosis and cachexia.’



/ˌsīəˈnōsəs/ /ˌsaɪəˈnoʊsəs/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from Greek kuanōsis ‘blueness’, from kuaneos ‘dark blue’.