Definition of cyber in English:


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  • Relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.

    ‘the cyber age’
    • ‘Fred says he's not into the cyber age and keeps away from computers.’
    • ‘Once children get used to the cyber culture, they graduate to porno sites.’
    • ‘Indications are that the Railway is cutting tickets for the express drive to the cyber age.’
    • ‘They must have turned up to hear what MT had to say about the novel in the cyber age.’
    • ‘This is the cyber age, which allows the Kimpire to grow fast, cost efficiently and without any limits.’
    • ‘Officers seized the boys' computers and experts began to trawl through the cyber history.’
    • ‘You can find out all the information on the golden ticket winners, tour the cyber chocolate factory and play games.’
    • ‘Bangalore can retain its name of Garden City and still be a cyber plateau; other cities have done it and so can we.’
    • ‘A cyber policing unit formed to crack down on child pornography websites and protect abused children has been launched.’
    • ‘The book will advise corporations on - what else - how to protect themselves against cyber crooks.’
    • ‘It makes sense if people are search Pudong Airport since it is a relatively less mentioned topic in the cyber world.’
    • ‘My master's thesis on the cyber world comes up on a ‘body building porn’ site!’
    • ‘Free time has been replaced by cyber time to the point where my family feels the need to comment on my presence at the dinner table.’
    • ‘It strikes me as the height of ignorance to overlook the fact the election was stolen by cyber fraud.’
    • ‘Over 12 pairs of cyber model nominees will compete in the grand final which will be held in a cafe in Jakarta.’
    • ‘The transparency exemplified by the Internet economy, he adds, will be the cyber wave of the future.’
    • ‘So if you like the work I do here, please consider throwing some cash in the cyber guitar case.’
    • ‘Rubbing in salt are statistics that pin India among the top five countries for cyber security breaches.’
    • ‘They work as a cyber profiling team, responsible for investigating identity theft crimes linked to computer use.’
    • ‘He fails to get the exercise his body needs and is so enwrapped in his world of cyber heroes and villains that he skips meals too.’



/ˈsībər/ /ˈsaɪbər/


1980s from cyber-.