Definition of cybercrook in English:



  • A person who commits criminal activities by means of computers or the internet; a cybercriminal.

    • ‘a wireless network set up by cybercrooks to capture any personal and financial information you send over it’
    • ‘Indeed, today's cybercrooks are becoming ever more tightly organized.’
    • ‘Recognizing that relying on security software isn't enough and that catching cybercrooks is vital, private companies often hand over data willingly rather than only when subpoenaed.’
    • ‘Of course, just as technology changes, cybercrooks change their tactics.’
    • ‘Moreover, most cybercrooks know how to bypass anti-malware measures.’
    • ‘That means that cybercrooks would have to compromise both the internet channel and telephone network to be successful.’
    • ‘This is when cybercrooks set up Wi-Fi networks in public places so people can get wireless broadband connections, ostensibly for free.’
    • ‘They used the federal Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which Justice Dept. officials say is proving to be a useful tool in charging alleged cybercrooks.’
    • ‘Victims who pay extortionists are playing into the hands of cybercrooks and likely to receive repeat protection money requests.’
    • ‘It is essential that online digital currencies work within the law, assist authorities with their enquiries, and work hard to ensure that their money transfer systems are not being used by cybercrooks.’
    • ‘Crafty cybercrooks are leveraging the latest automation tools to build websites filled with hundreds of megabytes of commonly used search terms.’
    • ‘This has forced cybercrooks to refine their strategies.’
    • ‘Of course, when discussing website security, it would be a vast oversight not to mention phishing, the age-old scheme in which cybercrooks trick users into giving up their personal information.’
    • ‘For now, though, most cybercrooks are merely interested in infecting as many machines as possible.’
    • ‘Cybercrooks capitalising on the public obsession with celebrities and current events is nothing new.’
    • ‘They're betraying people close to them, too, by helping those cybercrooks build up a detailed picture of their life and their milieu.’
    • ‘But cybercrooks are getting better at building more resilient networks.’
    • ‘By attacking third-party ad networks rather than websites, cybercrooks can increase the potency of attacks, he added.’
    • ‘A cybercrook could instruct the bot to disable your security software or access personal files.’
    • ‘One notable attack that's grown more popular is the "friend in distress" scam in which a cybercrook masquerades as a friend stuck in a foreign country in need of money.’
    • ‘A cybercrook has admitted to using hacked ATM codes to steal from accounts.’



/ˈsībərˌkro͝ok/ /ˈsaɪbərˌkrʊk/