Definition of cyberlaw in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsībərˌlô/ /ˈsaɪbərˌlɔ/


  • Laws, or a specific law, relating to internet and computer offenses, especially fraud or copyright infringement.

    ‘Her prior columns on copyright, cyberlaw and First Amendment issues may be found in the archive of her pieces on this site.’
    • ‘Berkman lawyers specialise in cyberlaw - hacking, copyright, encryption and so on - and the centre has strong ties with the open source software community.’
    • ‘The seemingly sexier subjects of cyberlaw, jurisprudence, and environmental law are all rated as ‘strong sells.’’
    • ‘A couple of years ago I was talking with a law school colleague about cyberlaw and the people who study it.’
    • ‘If anything, Professor Lessig's defense may add fuel to their argument: By defending cyberlaw based on its similarities to the rest of law, he appears to concede that nothing new happens when we apply law to the Internet.’
    • ‘The practice of law in cyberspace is different from cyberlaw that has been defined as the study of those legal issues pertaining to the Internet and World Wide Web.’
    • ‘Web sites need to conform to the cyberlaws of countries in which business is conducted.’
    • ‘Ernest Miller also runs his own technology business and writes blogs on cyberlaw and intellectual property.’
    • ‘The shock of the Internet, and the time lag between its advent, and the advent of cyberlaw, is partially to blame.’
    • ‘‘We had exactly the same kind of problem in the Morris case,’ says Rasch, now vice president for cyberlaw at Predictive Systems.’
    • ‘Its 10-point bill of guarantees includes leading-edge cyberlaws, incentives and intellectual property protection.’
    • ‘What effect will this have on the place of cyberlaw in law schools?’
    • ‘Lawrence Lessig, a professor at Stanford University and an expert on cyberlaw, says that when it comes to cyberspace, policymakers have so far shown themselves to be consistently ‘stupid and bribable’.’
    • ‘Baden is a Brissie born and bred pilot who also flies above the corridors of justice as a lawyer with experience in IT, Privacy and Tax law and cyberlaw.’
    • ‘But Breakup Girl hardly has to break new ground in cyberlaw in order to rule on your particular situation.’