Definition of cyberpet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsībərˌpet/ /ˈsaɪbərˌpɛt/


  • An electronic toy that simulates a real pet and with which human interaction is possible.

    Also called digipet or virtual pet

    ‘Loosely speaking, Creatures were cyberpets called Norns who operated in real time, were born with a few basic drives and had to learn from their environment - including how to deal with the baddies, called Grendels.’
    • ‘The second-generation cyberpet, called ERS - 210, will be available in Japan from November 16 and cost around 150,000 yen - cheaper than the first Aibo which weighed in at $2,300.’
    • ‘He has motion, devotion, he even has emotion - the new breed of cyberpet will soon be with us and, as far as his creators are concerned, he's only a tooth and claw off the real thing.’
    • ‘The cyberpet will now come in gold, silver or black and express more canine traits such as being able to wag its tail and respond to its own name.’
    • ‘The cyberpet will be able to talk in its own special dog robot language and even learn a spot of Japanese.’
    • ‘When you go into a place that everyone dislikes, your cyberpet freaks out.’