Definition of cybersurfing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsībərˌsərfiNG/ /ˈsaɪbərˌsərfɪŋ/


  • The practice of using and browsing the internet, especially as a habitual pastime.

    ‘Most of the popular plug-ins, including RealNetworks's RealServer G2 media player, also work for people who are cybersurfing from a Linux machine.’
    • ‘Is extreme cybersurfing an addiction?’
    • ‘Gordon and I spent an hour or so cybersurfing, collecting ideas from Web pages around the world.’
    • ‘She hooks up with a disaffected local who spends his time cybersurfing and chasing Western girls; and a mysterious ex-monk recently escaped from political imprisonment by the Chinese.’
    • ‘On this page I will be posting ideas I come across while cybersurfing.’
    • ‘Whichever route you take to begin exploring the riches of liturgical information available online, I wish you all, ‘Happy cybersurfing!’’
    • ‘You can choose from two options, depending on how much cybersurfing you plan to do: Five free hours of usage per month for one year (each additional hour will cost you $2.50), or unlimited usage for $19.95 per month.’
    • ‘Declaring he was addicted to cybersurfing and just could not quit, Virginia Tech graduate student Cem Unsal intrigued and amused attendees at the CAUSE / CNI Southeast Regional Conference held September 12-13, 1996 in Roanoke, Virginia.’