Definition of cybertheft in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsībərˌTHeft/ /ˈsaɪbərˌθɛft/


  • Theft carried out by means of computers or the internet.

    ‘online fraud and cybertheft cost financial institutions an estimated $3.5 billion last year’
    • ‘a cybertheft in which criminals infiltrated the computer system of a bank and stole £1.3 million’
    • ‘We interviewed members of Britain's National High-Tech Crime Unit as well as the criminals and hackers who profit from cybertheft.’
    • ‘Protection against cyberattacks, cybertheft, and the safeguarding of proprietary information have shifted the focus of technology spending to these areas.’
    • ‘That breach turned out to be one of the most colossal of cybertheft incidents.’
    • ‘We have repeatedly raised our concerns at the highest levels about cybertheft with senior officials, including in the military.’
    • ‘Still unknown, for example, is the unseen cost of military cybertheft, said Mr. Lewis.’
    • ‘Hollywood hypocrites or not, they are the victims of a virulent form of cybertheft.’
    • ‘Andersen believes that the way to address the rampant cybertheft of intellectual property is through economic sanctions.’
    • ‘The U.S. charged three Eastern European men with running an international cybertheft ring, arresting them in their native countries with the help of police there.’
    • ‘And given the amount of attacks and breaches that occur worldwide, who isn't trying to avoid cyberattacks or cyberthefts?’
    • ‘While cyberthefts were escalating, corporate spending on cybersecurity was, too.’