Definition of cyclamen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsīkləmən/ /ˈsaɪkləmən/ /ˈsikləmən/ /ˈsɪkləmən/

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nouncyclamen, cyclamens

  • 1A European plant of the primrose family, having pink, red, or white flowers with backward-curving petals and widely grown as a winter-flowering houseplant.

    Genus Cyclamen, family Primulaceae: several species

    ‘Some of my favorite windowsill plants include many varieties of trailing ivy, African violets, primroses, pansies and violets, geraniums, gloxinias, cyclamens, coleus, kalonchoes, peperomias, and heartleaf philodendrons.’
    • ‘Their soil must contain sufficient humus and be rich in calcium, but the idea that cyclamens need a lot of moisture is a misconception.’
    • ‘Very early spring is one of the best times to visit the garden - not only are the snowdrops and cyclamen flowering, but the foliage of certain conifers is more golden than at other times of year.’
    • ‘Under the dense canopy of a beech tree, it is possible to have different hardy cyclamen in flower every day of the year.’
    • ‘Poinsettia, cyclamen and azaleas, along with many other seasonal favourites, are available in shops and garden centres everywhere at this time of year.’
    • ‘Outside her apartment is a collection of begonias and cyclamen and other colourful plants in pots.’
    • ‘Tidy up winter containers by deadheading violas and cyclamen and removing dead leaves from ivy and other greenery.’
    • ‘For the hanging basket I chose three small-flowered cyclamen in shades of rich pink and several soft blue violas.’
    • ‘In fact, the process by which cyclamen set seed is unique, and a huge part of their charm.’
    • ‘The white winter flowering heather and pink cyclamen had faded but were soon replaced by violas, primulas and grape hyacinth.’
    • ‘You can use a combination of plants: primulas, cyclamen, heathers and ivy are all useful for winter colour.’
    • ‘Primroses, cyclamen and Rieger begonias, however, will flower in bright shade.’
    • ‘The sight of winter cyclamen's hot pink flowers on a frigid January day will warm your heart.’
    • ‘Certain flowers, such as the beautiful cyclamen, are grown as cash crops in the developing world.’
    • ‘In flower are red, white and various shades of pink cyclamen as well as daffodils.’
    • ‘If, like mine, your garden is very wet for most of the year, you could grow cyclamen and miniature tulips in well-drained compost.’
    • ‘I have one full bag of 100 miniature daffodils to plant, not to mention some cyclamen and about 100 miscellaneous other bulbs.’
    • ‘Amongst the many hardy cyclamen which are suitable for naturalizing are several which flower during spring and a number which produce their blossoms in autumn.’
    • ‘Try bulbs that are prolific in winter months, such as tulips, narcissus, hyacinth, kalanchoe and cyclamen.’
    • ‘Early October has brought a fresh crop of flowers to the garden this year and the beds are filled with autumnal plants such as Rudbeckias, Michaelmas daisies, late roses, clematis and cyclamen.’
    1. 1.1A pinkish-purple color.
      ‘The jersey reserved to the points classification leader was first red, and changed to cyclamen in 1970.’
      • ‘The beauty of them hanging and casting a mystic light filtered through pink, vermillion, yellow or cyclamen into the dark night is breath-taking.’


Modern Latin, from Latin cyclaminos, from Greek kuklaminos, perhaps from kuklos ‘circle’, with reference to its bulbous roots.