Definition of cyclize in English:


(British cyclise)

Pronunciation /ˈsīk(ə)ˌlīz/ /ˈsaɪk(ə)ˌlaɪz/


  • Undergo or cause to undergo a reaction in which one part of a molecule becomes linked to another to form a closed ring.

    no object ‘some derivatives may cyclize spontaneously’
    • ‘ACV is cyclized to give isopenicillin N’
    • ‘The semialdehyde cyclizes spontaneously to Dpyrroline - 5-carboxylate which is then reduced to proline by an NADPH-dependent reductase.’
    • ‘Quantitation of the ligation efficiencies shows that 13% of the 40-mer cyclized, but 82% of the 42-mer cyclized.’
    • ‘The biradical can revert to the starting material, cyclize to give a cyclobutanol derivative, or in our case, fragment to an alkene and an enol component.’
    • ‘Subsequently, 8'-hydroxyABA cyclizes to form phaseic acid which may be further reduced to dihydrophaseic acid in some tissues.’
    • ‘These extensions, called cohesive ends, are complementary and enable the chromosome to cyclize in an infected cell.’