Definition of cyclorama in English:



  • 1A circular picture of a 360° scene, viewed from inside.

    ‘An obvious refinement in the bloody 19th century was war, and the cyclorama paintings installed at the battlefields of Waterloo and Gettysburg, their foregrounds strewn with mannequins and relics, still draw the crowds today.’
    • ‘We're trying to get as close as we can to creating the illusion of being in the cyclorama in 1884.’
    • ‘At the beginning of 1887, Welch journeyed to Englewood, Illinois, where he and Twachtman has signed on with a group of other artists to paint a cyclorama of the Battle of Gettysburg.’
    1. 1.1A cloth stretched tight in an arc around the back of a stage set, often used to depict the sky.
      ‘for the setting, I thought just a bare cyclorama would be nice’
      • ‘This impression is reinforced by the panoramic curve of the back wall, which, even though it is painted a uniform dark grey, suggests a cyclorama or stage backdrop.’
      • ‘Peter designed a nearly bare setting, with a raked stage backed by a cyclorama of rigid vertical strips that could be lit in differing colors and also slid apart at various places to form openings.’
      • ‘The cyclorama backdrop shifted to create a new lateral space on stage.’
      • ‘Peter Hall directs a production of minimalist elegance played, in true Brechtian tradition, against a dazzling cyclorama.’
      • ‘The set is a mere swing suspended from an invisible tree in front of an earth-colored cyclorama on which Jason's lighting rings enthralling changes.’
      • ‘In many ways, Unwin's approach is traditional: the costume is early Jacobean and Neil Warmington's set is simply a raked platform against a grey cyclorama.’
      • ‘Let's look at some pro tricks that can be adapted for use by the amateur, who does not have banks of floods, hairlights, backlights, cycloramas and the like.’
      • ‘American Quartet, danced by the company to the Dvorak string quartet of the same name exuded a sense of youthful optimism in its spacious, freewheeling movement against a backlit cyclorama.’
      • ‘The set was also not reassuring: an enormous blue statue of Eros perched on top of a glittering purple mound of earth with a few metallic trees in front of a corrugated cyclorama.’
      • ‘The dancers seemed like isolated figures against the cyclorama and the rake.’



/ˌsīkləˈramə/ /ˌsaɪkləˈræmə/


Mid 19th century from cyclo-, on the pattern of words such as panorama.