Definition of cyme in English:



  • A flower cluster with a central stem bearing a single terminal flower that develops first, the other flowers in the cluster developing as terminal buds of lateral stems.

    Compare with raceme

    ‘The flat, star-shaped flowers are 1-cm across, range in color from maroon in the sun to pale beige in the shade, and are displayed in loose cymes in the leaf axils.’
    • ‘This pattern is most clearly observed in shoots with five to seven cymes, while in shoots with two to four cymes male flowers are also frequently produced in basal positions.’
    • ‘Leaves of C. orbiculatus are broader, and the flowers are borne in axillary cymes.’



/sīm/ /saɪm/


Early 18th century (denoting the unopened head of a plant): from French, literally ‘summit’, from a popular variant of Latin cyma.